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What the heck have I been up to?

You might have noticed I really haven’t updated much in the last two weeks. First came work-cation, then came life – I’ve been under a bit of stress! I last told you all that I’ve been struggling with my weight lately. I gained a bit in Nashville, and gained a little bit before that as well. I’ve been finding that taking the time each week to plan out and write three blog posts is taking away from time I otherwise may have been more active or thinking about healthy living. Who’d have thought – sharing my experiences with healthy living is affecting my healthy living! I’m not stepping away entirely, but I’m stepping back for a bit to get myself back on track without worrying about writing.

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I can’t wait to get back from vacation and weigh myself

… said no one ever!

Full disclosure, I had actually put on a couple of pounds before leaving for Nashville so all of the weight I’ve gained has not been solely from my week away. I’m a few days into August already, but it is that time of month again – here is July’s weight update!

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I’m home! Back in the land of moose and maple leaves! I had an amazing time, worked a lot and jammed some tourism into just a few short days with a great friend in Nashville. I’ll have some regular posts again on Friday, but for now I wanted to go through the rundown of my time in Music City, USA!

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Good news and bad news: Nashville!

Good news

I’m going on vacation! Work-cation. Vaca-conferencing.

My work picked me as the lucky son of a gun to attend an international conference in Nashville. I have shamelessly tacked some vacation onto the end of that so that I can enjoy an amazing city and spend some time with my favourite blonde! I kind of picked terrible flights, and the weather is looking preeetty awful. But I am excited to jam as much music city and southern food into one week as I possibly can!

We’ve left the vacation part of our trip fairly open, but with a few concrete plans in place. I’m totally obsessed with food and universities, and luckily Nashville is great for both of those things! I’ll be eating way too much, probably drinking more than my fair share, and will be found stumbling around Vanderbilt University (professionally.. Of course) come this weekend.

If you have any Nashville must visits or favourite restaurants please let me know! I’m still open to more possibilities and can’t wait to check out music row. Unfortunately, we did try to get some tickets for the Bluebird Cafe and were pitifully unsuccessful. 🙁 No need to recommend that if it’s on your must-see list.


Bad news

I’m going to Nashville!

I will be working the first 4 days and vacationing the next three so I won’t be thinking too much about healthy living and healthy blogging. I won’t have a weight update this Friday, as would be usually scheduled, but I will do myself a solid and weigh in next Friday! Maybe that will keep me on my toes and might help me not to overindulge too much. In all honesty I’m likely going to be posting something that looks a whole lot like, “Welp… gained 10 lbs over these past 4-5 weeks!” C’est la vie.

I’m going to have a mini blogging break while I’m gone. I thought long and hard about trying to keep track of scheduling posts and keeping up with content but I think this is the best solution for me. I’ll be back to the grind next Wednesday with some regularly scheduled posts but will try to get a totally off-topic update in before then!

Is weight loss too expensive?

Many people believe that weight loss is strongly tied to one’s socioeconomic background. I don’t deny the link between poverty and obesity but I also know that it’s not impossible to lose weight no matter what your income level. Some people really want to lose weight but truly believe that it would just be too expensive – at their stage in life it’s impossible financially. Fortunately, this isn’t so! It’s not always easy to lose weight, but cost does not have to be a factor in whether or not you can be successful at weight loss.

For this post I’m entirely separating weight loss from a ‘healthy diet’. I wish we could all afford to live and eat like celebrities, with personal chefs and organic superfoods, but this isn’t reality. Healthy eating a great goal, but weight loss is an entirely separate issue.

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go officially launched in Canada over the weekend and it’s all anyone has been able to talk about for a couple of weeks now! I didn’t do any work-arounds to get it earlier than the official release, but now that it’s here I’m certifiably obsessed. I have it running almost constantly now and luckily for me I have wifi at home and at work so I don’t have to eat up my meagre data allowance.

Is Pokemon Go the new answer to getting kids outside and active? It certainly seems like a step in the right direction!

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Unhealthy food swaps

I read this article by dietitian Leslie Beck a few weeks ago and heard an interesting off-hand comment from Adam not long after that really got me thinking. I’ve talked a bit about overeating good foods before but I wanted to touch on a something somewhat similar that I’ve seen when it comes to portion sizes and healthy eating. 


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Weight loss myths: Starvation Mode

‘Starvation Mode’ as most people think of it is bullshit. I just wanted to get that out of the way right up front, sorry if you don’t like my harsh language! There has been this insane idea spread around for years that if you don’t consume enough calories your body will stop you from losing weight or somehow you might even gain weight. Many people have repeated this for so long that it’s kind of become one of those things that’s accepted as fact by the general population.

I think of it like the ‘eating spiders in your sleep’ thing (which is also bullshit – sorry if anyone still believed that!). I’m going to be a little Snopes-y for you guys today and try to keep this super brief. There are so many other great take-downs of this myth, but I wanted to do my part to all of you who come back to read what I write!

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Rambling about fitness

I have a million-things fitness-related swirling around in my head lately. While this post might not be soo coherent, I thought this would be a great time to get it all out! Plus it’s stinking, crazy hot here and that doesn’t lead to very good thinking on my part. If you’re interested in reading what’s bouncing around in my brain continue on; if you’re not interested in another (slightly less rambling) rant then I’ll see you on Friday!

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Willpower and unhealthy eating

After writing about my feelings on healthy eating last Monday I feel fairly confident in revealing I’m not eating healthy at all right now – for the most part. I certainly eat better food and less food than I did a year ago, but I’m not eating in the ideal way for myself and my weight loss. Weight loss is a simple concept that in practice can get muddled and complicated, especially when I have to constantly flex my willpower muscles!

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